“Eethal” is a Tamil word which means “Giving”. The world has two set of people, one the Receiver and the other is a Giver. The actual need in the society is Supply not the Demand. If more people can come forward proactively to extend their hands in serving the needy, we can create more smiles and make this earth a better place to live. More over one can find one’s own identity in their life by their contribution, not by their possession. The knowledge of giving can be enhanced by promoting the “Quality Education”

ஈதல் இசைபட வாழ்தல் அதுவல்லது
ஊதியம் இல்லை உயிர்க்கு ( திருக்குறள் – திருவள்ளுவர்)

Give to the needy and live with praise. There is no greater profit to life than that. (Thirukkural – Thiruvalluvar)

இயல்வது கரவேல் (ஆத்திச்சூடி – ஔவையார்)
Don’t stop giving (Aathithchudi – Avvaiyaar)

Transforming every individual citizen into a socially responsible, productive and as a contributor in creating a global change.

To improve the quality of education by creating and implementing innovative ideas. We believe that by equipping the children and youths of our nation with the ultimate weapon of education inculcated with more values, exhibiting untapped potentials, imparting skill based approach to place them in a right platform will lead them to a clear path.


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