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1. காகிதக் காதல் (Let’s Touch Books)

There are only two ways to enrich our knowledge

1. Reading books

2. Listening to the good books

Let’s Touch Books (காகிதக் காதல்) is a monthly event conducted for the people who love to read / love to listen / love to start the habit of book reading.

It is a platform that bridge the book readers and listeners. Book readers will share what they read and listeners can just grasp the essence of knowledge from others reading.

2. Launch of Eethal Magazine & Mobile App

Eethal launched an exclusive monthly Tamil magazine in online named “Eethal Magazine”, works upon the vision “For the Youth, By the Youth”.

We also committed ourselves to educate and motivate the youth of this nation. This magazine is an exclusive platform for the students which provides an opportunity for the young minds to showcase their talents and harness their reading and writing skills.

We are happy to welcome you all to download and install our mobile application from Google Play Store by searching as “Eethal” or click the link below and do support our initiative.

We also welcome you all to be part of  “Eethal Magazine” being a freelance Journalist. If you can come up with any kind of articles that could motivate and educate our youth community.

The Eethal Magazine and its Mobile Application was launched by  Thiru. Sivalingam, the man who translated the most acclaimed book “Wings of Fire” – an autobiography of Abdul Kalam into Tamil “Agni Siragukal”.